Michel Ciry Museum, Varengeville-sur-Mer, France

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Michel Ciry is not only a painter, but a watercolourist, engraver, draftsman, illustrator and writer. To date thirty-five volumes of his diary have been published. Finally a great music lover, a student of Nadia Boulanger, he devoted himself to musical composition alongside pictorial and literary creation until 1958, when his painting took a prominent place. His recently opened museum displays a part of his personal collection of oils, watercolors, drawings, and engravings, representative of his artistic qualities.
OILS: Michel Ciry devoted himself to oil painting in the early fifties. The religious universe is the subject of large compositions alternating with landscapes, still lifes, and portraits of mimes, clowns, harlequins, among others. The bright and frank colors contrast with their cheerfulness with the lonely expression of the characters.
AQUARELLES: Michel Ciry chooses the technique of watercolor to translate the emotion that gives him a place or a character. An indefatigable traveler, he captures the particular light of each place with delicate, strong, and evocative watercolors.
DRAWINGS: A pen stroke in Indian ink or graphite sketches expressive portraits of foreigners encountered in the course of his travels or urban landscapes of extreme finesse.
ENGRAVINGS: At the age of 16, Michel Ciry began his work as an engraver and was very successful at his first exhibition. Engraving requires a solid profession assuming rigor and patience, because the copper plate is a readily rebellious material. The quality of his engraved work is based on the extraordinary depth of his blacks, on their contrast with the flashes of light that punctuate the composition.


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